Meme Monday: Protec from Attac Because We Got Your Bac

Meme Monday: Protec from Attac Because We Got Your Bac


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新しい @gopro #Hero7Black で衝撃映像撮れた 4K60fpsの安定化オンで撮ったからここまで驚いて全部撮れてた!こんな楽しいカヤックはじめて!!音声も海とかのガチャガチャ音ないし最高! @barekiwi getting octopus smashed into his face by a seal⁉️ I’ve never had such an amazing kayak everrrrr!! I am super stoked that the new @goproanz #Hero7Black captured without missing a thing although we shook so much, #hypersmooth the stabilisation managed it so well!! I made a little montage to show how good the audio came out!! No noises super clean!! Thanks to @kaikourakayaks @purenewzealand @kaikouranz @goprojp @howtodadnz @snapair for such an epic trip!! #gopro #ゴープロ #ゴープロのある生活

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Life can get pretty rough, and if one can get attacked by an octopus-wielding seal in the middle of the sea, no one is safe. More so if you are surrounded by rowdy and drunk people in Oktoberfest. Fret not, as we have just the right items for you to protect yourself this October.



Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Less horror, more hope – that is the collection’s motto. With Raf Simon’s aim of safety, the padded yellow vest not only provides protection from body shots, but acts as powerful deterrent. Like a colorful insect, the brighter they are, the more poisonous they will be.




Clare Waight Keller references 1930s German gangster TV show “Babylon Berlin” and Berlin’s club scene, which means this look not only gives you a dangerous edge, it is perfect for partying too. The faux fur and leather lining will definitely soften some punches and accidental bumps, and if Jon Snow was wearing this, he most definitely wouldn’t have gotten stabbed so easily.


Balenciaga 73


This multilayered jacket was bonded with lightweight foam to achieve the lightest result possible. Worn and walked on a runway emulating a fake snow mountain with crevasses and a big “Be Aware” sign, the ski jacket protects against the elements, and if the inevitable avalanche comes it will be there to keep you warm and safe.




As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. The striking tiger print coat sends out subliminal messages to everyone that this is not somebody they would want to mess with. And with its PVC material, accidental beer spills won’t be a problem – in fact, it will always be accompanied with a timely apology.

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