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Skincare for Face to Shine through Dark Skies

Skincare for Face to Shine through Dark Skies

The constant overcast and dark clouds have been depressing to say the least. This week we explore options that let us become the sun that shines through the darkness in our day to day life.

SK-II Men’s Facial Treatment Essence

zoom_3f5862fc780ca3135940407cb046c32d89f76f24_1493189438_829_SKII_WEBSK-II’s iconic essence is mainly made up of 90% PITERA, a natural bio ingredient derived from yeast that matches your skin’s naturalness, giving you a crystal like radiance.

Estee Lauder Radiant Moisture Creme

zoom_22884_EsteeLauder_Web_da5cb8a058e82e12c816ada0a9406e45d0c4012c_1523777774This radiant moisture creme recharges one’s depleted skin’s radiant energy through it’s Pomegranate8 complex, you will be ready to plug and play right after.

Sulwhasoo Inner Charging Serum

580_inner_charging_serumGet transported to Korea with Sulwhasoo’s herbal formula of Jeongyangdan and Ginseng extract which accelerates and revitalises skin. Its woody aroma of masculinity would refresh one like a morning walk in the forest.

Burt’s Bees Skin Nourishment Hydrating Gel Cream

Skin-Nourishment-Gel-Hydrator-jarBurt’s Bee’s products are formulated using Royal Jelly, a secretion made by bees to feed its babies destined to be queen. Treat yourself like the royalty that you are as your royal servants, amino acids and vitamins, work hard in nourishing skin for a vibrant glow.


LAB Series for Mens MAX LS Daily Renewing Cleanser


Formulated for all skin types, LAB Series’s product is like a car which uses multiple trademark technologies to renew our skin. Molecular Age-less Complex brings the mechanism that extends the lifespan of youthful skin cells, while its Glucoxygen Compound oxygenates and reinvigorates stressed skin. Shift your stick to gear 5 and press down your pedal to radiant town. 

Words by Marcus Li

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