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Prada Silver Line Chugs its Way into Paragon

Prada Silver Line Chugs its Way into Paragon

Yes, you read the train schedule right – the Prada Silver Line is pulling up at Paragon station and will be boarding passengers from 6 – 22 August.  

The roving project by the Italian fashion label kick-started its journey in Macau last December, and has a travel agenda that includes some of the most prominent locations in Asia, Europe and United States of America.

The 114 square-metre whimsical realisation of American Streamliners from the 1930s and 1950s is also a physical embodiment of the brand’s principles like travel and modernity. Beneath the metal shell exterior lies a floral-patterned red silk brocade interior evocative of all things ornate and romantic. Prada enthusiasts will also be pleased to saunter around the brand’s iconic black-and-white chequered floor that is not forgotten in this installation.

Of course, all travel experiences are not complete without some on-board shopping. Here are some of the offerings on the Prada Silver Line:

Words by Valerie Wong

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