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Montblanc Leaves Mont-“black” Behind

Montblanc Leaves Mont-“black” Behind

Montblanc, the brand best known for doing Mont-black, revamps its signature line of leather goods with a trendy design twist. The collection now dons camo for the boldest and bravest urban jungle adventurers, calling out the inner animal in us.

With camo being huge in the street style scene, these eight new pieces feature two different shades in grey and blue. Nevertheless, their impeccable blend of traditional leather craftsmanship and modern elegance has not been compromised with this change. 

Our favourite: the Small Document Case! It is the ideal work/study companion with compartments for laptops, phones, documents and other personal items. We are jungle/street ready with this capsule collection.

The capsule collection is available in Montblanc boutiques worldwide.

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