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Playing House at District Design Dialogue Holland Village

Playing House at District Design Dialogue Holland Village

Gather ‘round fellow artlings, streetwear enthusiasts, and avid fancy foodies of the red dot. If you’re allergic to the stale predictability of air-conditioned malls yet desire to revamp your weekend routine, fret not, treat yourself at District Design Dialogue Holland Village (DDDHV).

Making its debut as a collaborative project with Singapore Design Week 2018, the annual experiential platform sprawls a savvy curation of fashion, music, food, and contemporary art under the pop-up assembly of creative indie entrepreneurs.


From 10-18 March 2018, flock down to the trendy hood of Holland Village and wander into the heart of the creative bohemian enclave — along Jalan Kelabu Asap in Chip Bee Gardens, where you’ll find yourself immersed in an interactive design space from 10 themed terrace house overhauls. Brimming with a nexus of design activity within and beyond our everyday environments, expect the design-activated trail to be dotted with art installations, living room concerts, artisanal products, Instaworthy food, locally-made knick-knacks, craft sessions, design conversations and workshops.

With more than 50 homegrown creatives exchanging innovation across Holland Village and its environs, don’t miss out on the houses along Jalan Kelabu Asap. Here are some highlights:

Omitir Concepts
Axel Serik
Sole Superior
  • Resident-planned block party featuring treasure hunt, book-swaps, and good stands. Bonus: Allpress coffee on the house courtesy of Monocle lifestyle store.
  • Eyeyah!: Walk into a hypercolour wonderland by House of Eyeyah! where a wardrobe installation awaits you. Don’t forget to take a jail-fie in their life-size smart phone ‘cell’. No, we are not kidding. It’s a real jail cell that takes shape of a smart phone. We reckon it’s going to be an Insta-hit.
  • Sole Superior: Step into the world of sneakers and a curation of streetwear merchandise from Novesta, Pras The Bandit, SBTG, RSVR, HMTY and a secret stash sale you don’t want to miss out.
  • The Lounge: There are days where we’re not feeling our best. If a workout session doesn’t work for you, how about channeling all that rage into smashing things? Crazy is the new norm at the Fragment Room. Try some anger therapy, this ensures, nobody gets hurt.
  • The Stage: Cosy acoustic performances by Glen Wee, Adia Tay, Intriguant; sound art installations by Axel Serik, Ritz/Yang; DJ workshops by Pop Studio DJ.

With an array of activities, there are more than enough perspectives for you to chill out in delightful ways.