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Elixir Bar: Inside a Fantasy World of Alchemy-Themed Cocktails

Elixir Bar: Inside a Fantasy World of Alchemy-Themed Cocktails

Nestled in the heart of Orchard Road at Orchard Shopping Centre, Elixir Bar is a hidden gem within multi-concept restaurant Kuvo.

The 40-seater bespoke cocktail bar unveiled an interior makeover on December 2017. Led by designer and head mixologist, Vladislav Buzko, the newly re-imagined space staged a sensorial atmosphere for cocktail enthusiasts, combining the art of cocktail-making with theatrical components to offer the ultimate gastronomic experience featuring an exotic menu.


Elixir Alchemy Cocktail Menu

“I was inspired by the name of the bar, Elixir, to come up with something that would capture the imaginations and palates of cocktail lovers. With our cocktails, I want guests to rediscover the joys of curiosity and the wonderment of fantasy,” shares Vladislav.

Exploring five different themes — Happiness, Beauty, Life, Luck and Courage — Elixir Bar uses otherworldly narratives to concoct up to 10 world-class “elixirs”.

The menu kickstarts with Elixir of Happiness: The Love Potion, an ideal pick-me-up to tantalise your tastebuds. Banking on “everlasting happiness”, this sweet and sour cocktail is a blend of vodka, Midori, Drooling of Ant (lime juice), Sun Juice (orange juice), Vanishing Potion (a secret recipe of barrel aged mixture) and Worm (soft candy).

Elixir Bar further enchants their menu with the use of arcane terms to heighten the experience of cocktail-drinking

Aphrodite's Secret

Another standout is Aphrodite’s Secret — an artful mixture brewed in an Ancient Egyptian cup that harks back to the mythological Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

This creation starts with a gin base, before being served with folkloric elements such as the Heart of Swan, Slime of Snail and Roses of Oblivion. These simply translates to strawberry, egg white, lime juice and dried rose petals respectively. 


Next up: Jupiter. Cased under the Elixir of Courage and named after the Ancient Roman king of the gods, it’s only fitting that this is one of the strongest tasting drink.

Jupiter is essentially made up of a compelling mixture of Cognac, Dom Benedictine, Hummingbird Eggs (black cavier), Meteorite (cheese) and Perpetual glue (caramel). Sounds potent? Yet it is a palatable mix of sweet, salty and complex flavours that savours well with a side of deep-fried Honshimeiji mushroom with golden crumbs.

Elixir of Immortality

For those who lean towards being a lightweight, Buzko takes us on a candy-coated adventure, heading into the saccharine sides of the spirits spectrum. The Elixir of Immortality and Anubis Potion are considered sweeter cocktails that make feasible options to keep your Asian flush in check.

A whiff of the Elixir of Immortality and one will be treated into an aroma of “ambrosia” (the food of the gods) and Unicorn Blood (a secret recipe straight out of a barrel aged mixture). This fiery potion is balanced with a good mix of Bourbon Whisky, Angostura, Seeds of Longevity (cloves), Berry of Rage (raspberries) and Sweet Syrup (simple syrup).  

Anubis Potion

Served in an Anubis goblet, the Anubis Potion consists of Ashes of God (chocolate powder), Monkey Shoulder, Galliano Ristretto, Sweet Syrup (simple syrup), Jackal blood (cranberry) and Chocolate Bitters. 

Aside from its impeccable prop design staged by Buzko himself — not to mention theatrical smokes (dry ice, of course) that goes well with Instagram’s boomerang function —  the Anubis Potion marks the final curtain call to end the night. 

Elixir Bar

Elixir Bar

Orchard Shopping Centre, #02-01, 321 Orchard

Road, Singapore 238866

For Reservations: +65 6733 8272 or email [email protected]