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Grooming Perfection for the Urban Male

Grooming Perfection for the Urban Male

A prerequisite grooming routine is integral in achieving immaculate skin, especially if you’re committing to looking fresh for an upcoming date.

BLENHEIMBOUQUETSHAVINGCREAM_1Penhaligon Blenheim Bouquet Shaving Cream

Feel like a bed of roses with Penhaligon‘s new line of shaving cream. Flourished with a sensual mix of citrus oil, spice and woods that soften and condition disobedient stubbles— leaving you with a spotless shave and refreshing, scented skin.

F064633000DHDSEssencePerfPoreControl_F39Dior Homme Pore Perfecting Control Essence

When faced with humid weather conditions, our skin needs extra care to tackle high sebum production and lacklustre complexion. Dior Homme‘s lightweight solution combines high technology and natural active ingredients— infused with ß-ecdysone and vitamin E—to help repair, sooth and strengthen the skin while retaining its youthful look.

K_Mxllnc_Crm_silo_HiLab Series Maxellence The Singular Cream

Another otherworldly product to add in your daily skincare routine is this space-powered, anti-aging moisturizer. Its silky texture is formulated with rare meteorite extract that promotes the skin’s natural production of collagen and fibrillin. Lines and wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the skin becomes firmer and overall complexion brightened.

PHL_SKNCR_TIAB_eye15ml_GL_DecoEditPhilosophy Time In A Bottle Eye Serum

The serum adopts a 3-dimensional technology that prevents the signs of aging around the eyes. The formula contains exclusive liposome and patented antioxidant complexes which help repair skin’s damage and combat daily aggressors. Rare Himalayan extracts such as red rice and red grape ferment are integrated as well to renew skin’s natural age-resisting mechanisms.

Let Hair Loss Grow Away

Once you go bald, you can't go back. Here are some items to keep your scalp fertile and hair loss at bay.

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