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Frame Your World with O+ Eyewear, Exquisitely Crafted with Passion and Refinement

  • By Belda Chung
Frame Your World with O+ Eyewear, Exquisitely Crafted with Passion and Refinement

Established in 2016, O+ is Singapore’s latest contemporary eyewear label founded by David Hwang, a veteran in the global optical industry, along with his two sons, Silas and Shamus. O+ symbolises bloodline and passion, which is imbued in the brand’s promise of offering timeless and classic frames without compromising on quality and style.

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By marrying fine detailing with high quality control, O+ creates artisanal eyewear that fits customers perfectly, accompanied with a diverse range of preferred proportions and fit. Created with the individual in mind, its range of eyewear gives customers the luxury of choice from an array of different frames that celebrates the individual’s uniqueness and personal style. A trip down to O+ will not disappoint. 

“When you put on a pair of O+glasses, you are putting your trust in us to frame your world. And we don’t take that trust lightly.” – O+

Opening its doors at OUE Downtown Gallery — which is also the brand’s flagship boutique in Singapore— the eyewear emporium boasts a sophisticated set-up with a minimalistic gold-accented interior. Its lush décor translates the aesthetic vision of O+ , grounded by the concept0 of simplicity, classicism, and splendour. 

This season, O+ will be launching a collection of new frames that will stir the hearts of classicists and style mavens alike. 

Check out their latest promo vid below:


O+ is located at OUE Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, #01-07, Singapore 068815