Grooming on the go: Four products to take with you on your travels

  • By Belda Chung
Grooming on the go: Four products to take with you on your travels

This holiday season, a change of scenery calls for a change of skincare routine. Update your packing list with these fuss-free groomers that are highly adaptable to your travel regime.


Byredo Vetyver Rinse-free Hand Wash
Combat dryness with this unique rinse-free hand wash; its hydrating and refreshing alcohol-based formula cleanses away bacterias and microbes while being delicate on the hands. Scented with Byredo’s iconic Vetyver to enhance your habitual gestures with a herby fragrance.
Verso No.1 Foaming Cleanser
This purifying cleanser quickly eradicates any impurities you’ve picked up while travelling, without upsetting the skin’s natural defences. Charged with Verso’s patented Retinol 8 Complex for a quick face-lift on the go.
SA.AL&CO Shaving Cream
The natural coco sugar tensides in this rich shaving cream first soften the facial hair for an effortless glide over. After a close shave, restorative ingredients like aloe vera, macadamia nut oil and shea butter soothe and moisturise the skin
Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate
Get wet with Clinique’s bubbly oil-free moisturiser designed to deliver a hydration boost. The gel-to-liquid concentrate fends off encroaching dryness and protects against pollution and UV rays, leaving skin soothed and refreshed.