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Cartier’s Short Film Stars Actor Christopher Lee For Drive de Cartier watch

Cartier’s Short Film Stars Actor Christopher Lee For Drive de Cartier watch

There is a reason why Christopher Lee has been chosen to join the ranks of dapper gentlemen. He posses qualities of a Drive Man. He has the attitude, instincts, independence and refinement; an aptitude for style and a mind unfettered by convention. “The freedom to relentlessly pursue my ambitions, be it for my career or for my family,” the veteran actor declared when asked about his drive in life.

This January, the French luxury brand delves deep and documents Lee’s captivating personal journey. The film features the thespian sporting the elegant Drive de Cartier watch as he explores the charming streets of Florence and take a road trip across the Tuscan countryside. Inspired by vintage vehicles, the taut curves and refined lines of the Drive de Cartier collection construct a stylish, elegant and modern identity, with the radiator grill patterned guilloche dial and a bolt-shaped winding crown. The sleek lines of this cushion-shaped watch make a truly stylish piece, brought to life by the Maison Manufacture movement 1904 MC.

Watch the film below.

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