Exclusive Interview With Wang Ta Lu

  • By Men's Folio
Exclusive Interview With Wang Ta Lu

The June feature of the Men’s Folio Magazine, entitled “Consensus of One” will delve into the life of Taiwanese actor Wang Ta Lu. While not your typical leading man – as his mischievous side still needs a little getting used to – that could very well give him an edge over his rivals in the near future. You check out the full story by grabbing a copy of the magazine, but here’s an excerpt as a taster for what’s to come:


It is great fun listening to Wang introduce his younger self to you. “I was blessed to have acting and commercial gigs at an early age,” the 25-year-old would say. “Unfortunately, I didn’t take them seriously and was reprimanded by a director who said I was a diamond in the rough, but my lack of work ethic was such a waste of talent. It was the wakeup call I needed.” It’s also heartening to learn that he has decided to take a chill pill and not let his eagerness push him into the “flame-out” category, as commercially successful as he is now as an up-and-coming commodity with acting roles in hit movies such as Our Times and Design 7 Love.

Evidently, Wang isn’t the alcohol-addled, live-hard-and-die-young River Phoenix type. We’re biased, of course, because we believe a young Robert Downey Jr. falling off the edge unleashed his immense talent, making his portrayal of the flawed Tony Stark that much more compelling and relatable. However, that isn’t the prescription we’ll be doling out to this promising young man. “I just need to rein it in a tad,” he concurs.


“My ability to focus during crunch time helps,” he adds. “At the end of it all, I need to settle down and work hard. I’m happy with where I am now, and such is life that we always learn from our mistakes. Only fools repeat them. For example, as a child, I was reminded by a teacher that even a white lie is dangerous. That’s something that I carry with me. To be honest and sincere in terms of how I carry myself and it also translates into an honesty when I’m portraying a character.”