OF THIS MINUTE: Tom Ford’s Accommodation

OF THIS MINUTE: Tom Ford’s Accommodation

The Chelsea House

Exclusivity and true luxury: Tom Ford’s new London abode is located in the exclusive Bolton’s Conservation Area  (only 30 units available). The site of Ford’s former home, the house is close to luxury shopping and dining, and is where A-listers go for some respite.The Chelsea House was given a makeover according to his instructions. The 3,705 sq ft house was given a white alabaster staircase, makassar wood and stainless steel walls, and floor tiled with black marble. The contrasting materials and colours spell out the Tom Ford aesthetic of sleekness, a sharp sophistication and a clean modernity.


Tom Fords Accomodation 2

Tom Fords Accomodation 3


The Paris Apartment

The only thing most people know about the unit was it being shot by Todd Eberle for a glossy in 1998.


Tom Fords Accomodation 4

Santa Fe Property

It is only natural to pine for one’s roots. As such, Ford latest purchase speaks of massive space on a hilltop, with a huge pool and stables for his horses.

 Tom Fords Accomodation 

Tom Fords Accomodation 5

Tom Fords Accomodation 6 Tom Fords Accomodation 7

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